Extra Syllables

Posted in quatorzain by maggie on 2006/12/01
Extra Syllables

Each syllable is like a tender scar 
Looked after by soft touches of my tongue 
Until I've heard where all its voices are 
And slept inside the dreams that it has sung.

But no, there's no cause I need take offense. 
I know my stutters sometimes hiccup an extra syllable or two. 
You're always free to offer your two cents 
And I'll still owe a syllable back to you.

I can't say where the exercise might lead. 
What else is new?  I'm told that's called one's life. 
Leave most of them behind; take what you need.

But I've got something else that's on my mind 
as clear and sharp as if it were my knife. 
These syllables are just pieces left behind.

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