Sonnet 3

Posted in quatorzain by maggie on 2006/12/02
Sonnet 3

Goodbye, my friend. I'm back out on the street. 
It's no big deal, just now I need the cold 
And unforgiving concrete on my feet, 
No bed to call my own, no friend to hold. 

I will be back, so save a chair for me. 
The day may come when I won't mind the warm 
Surrounding me. You'll laugh and I'll agree 
To think of how I used to crave the storm. 

A brisk wind on my face, a sleeting rain: 
The cold surrounds me, not infringing through 
To where inside, fire flows through every vein 

Except deep at the core, my private heart, 
An icy remnant dipped in black and blue, 
Condemned to know no passion from the start.

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