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Posted in quatorzain by maggie on 2006/12/02
Untitled 2

     - originally posted as comment to sonnet 1

I've seen my share of structure recently,
Seen and felt and swallowed and endured.
The face they gave me ain't my real I.D.
Nor have their medications left me cured.

But in my black chaotic storm, a crack,
And through the crack, one single fragile word,
Then on that word, a line that takes me back
To the purest sonnets this girl's ever heard.

When one's moves start to finish had been frozen
One takes what one can get to find release,
Even if not how I might have chosen.

So yeah, I'll take this break from my head's riot.
If I can't get it to bring me some peace,
Then maybe I can at least have it show me some quiet.

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