[Untitled Sonnet]

Posted in quatorzain by maggie on 2006/12/02
Untitled Sonnet

    - originally posted as comment to sonnet 2

No expletives. One's always free to ask;
Your curiosity is never rude.
With rigid form, I'm clothed and wear my mask;
With open styles, I'm out there in the nude.

This effort's partly challenge, partly pledge,
Supposed to give me focus, some such thing,
A promise made to steer clear from an edge,
Made to a friend, at least until next spring.

I'll slip some others in during my span -
A villanelle, some sapphics, a pantoum -
Excluding those from the century I began.

But sonnets will comprise that central set,
A quiet dedication, if you will, to whom
I owe my little life's eternal debt.

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