sonnet 7

Posted in quatorzain by maggie on 2006/12/04
Sonnet 7

"A friendly embrace? Go ahead. That I accept." 
He's sober enough, I think, nothing to fear 
Of crossing lines, so I still do not expect 
That cracking sound come bouncing off my ear. 

"I'm sorry, baby. Don't take it so hard." 
I can't help but believe him, don't ask why,  
It's just what comes when love lets down its guard: 
A kiss, then boom, a shiner in the eye. 

So why's he looking me up after all this time? 
He never wrote nor visited while I was away 
And it's not as though we're still back there in our prime. 

Besides, I've laid to rest the girl he sees: 
He still fights for the angel who would stay, 
When all I care to be's a casual squeeze.

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