With apologies to the original and its esteemed author

Posted in nothing special by maggie on 2006/12/11
With apologies to the original and its esteemed author

I wandered lonely through a crowd
of poets high on making friends,
when all at once I heard a loud-
mouthed stalker bent on caustic trends,
like gum stuck up beneath the chair,
flapping its own gums with empty air.

Selfish as those jerks who whine
when things don't go their jackass way
to push themselves up front in line
although they've nothing good to say,
not that that stops its foul tongue's rush
of loose crap hardly worth the flush.

The daily exercisers danced.
The stalker can't, for lack of style.
Yet honest work the rest advanced
was by the bastard soiled with bile.
But past one fart it won't be missed
and as for me does not exist.

For when my corner couch feels cold
and I need words for company,
I read the poems that here are told
and shine with creativity,
with no ear to the stalker's curse:
doomed to failure, if not worse.

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