Sonnet 22 (Original Version)

Posted in quatorzain by maggie on 2006/12/14
Sonnet 22 (Original Version)

When sunlight all my thoughts and senses slow,
My inhibitions, my innate caution gone,
The fire escape out back is where I go
To air things out with almost nothing on.

I have a newfound friend up for a chat,
His fantasy, his song for me, his pitch.
I tell him, "You get this if I get that,"
So he talks me out of my final stitch.

Yeah, some just want to see me spread my thighs.
I don't mind, but I'll come craving more:
The promises, the jokes, the bluffs, the lies,

To make love to a stranger I've not heard.
It's what I give my body to them for:
I feel my own flesh made into its word.

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