Fatal Moment

Posted in sapphics by maggie on 2007/01/22
Fatal Moment

Even when they told me I'm still not gaining,
Even when I knew where my number dropped to,
Even then I could have kept on abstaining.
     <I'd not have stopped you.>

Screw those nursing bitches, they claim I'm purging.
Not as such. What doesn't belong just doesn't
Stay that long. Its exit requires no urging.
     (Mia it wasn't.)

Sorry, that's what happens when I'm allergic.
They should know; they've got all my facts recorded.
Food thrown at my allergies, I regurge it.
     {You've been reported.}

Childish? People, dignity isn't petty.
Your own freedom lasts only if you use it.
Don't deny me mine, how I keep it ready.
     <I won't refuse it.>

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