Sonnet 35 – Ultimate Version

Posted in quatorzain by maggie on 2007/02/27

To give myself the spirit you became
no longer occupies me. I'm consumed
with guilt no more. I'm giving up my shame.
I've changed my mind: I don't believe I'm doomed.

I promised you I'd never leave your side
then swore I'd promise no one that again.
That life you lived inside me hasn't died,
but I can't let it live as it died then.

A friend (you would have loved him) placed his soul
in mine, restoring all I'd long thought lost,
while I with him retraced that cold control

you had on me through what my scratchings said,
such dreams as neither's singing will exhaust
the heart of us that never will be dead.

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  1. sarachnid said, on 2012/02/16 at 07:28

    If I must relearn all your words like they were all new, there are few more treasured than these here, for what your heart means to my brother, as also to me.

    If I must relearn all my days from a new beginning, there are few that will be more precious to me than I can feel way inside today. Happy birthday, my sister and my friend.

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