Waking Word

Posted in couplet by maggie on 2007/03/02

Though every morning brings me life anew,
my waking word is always something you.

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  1. maggie said, on 2012/02/21 at 11:08

    Nancy preached couplets to me like they were the atoms from which all other poetry is made. From the strictest villanelle and the tightest English sonnet, to the twists of a triolet and the seemingly disconnected yet oh so very bound voices in a ghazal, to the lines rhymed in any other poem even when taken past pairs of lines, to duets she saw in even the most open and free-form poem. Like two lovers, even when those two were apart and alone or even when the two were mingled in a crowd, she felt couplets to be the hands held through all of the poetry she wrote and breathed and was. Not a day passed but that she would pen dozens of couplets, most like one-night stands remembered only for their brief moment together, but many others used like the cornerstone to a longer poem. As I eventually have done with this couplet, one of the few I’ve ever written in which I felt the raw poetry of today’s promise in the lonely pain of yesterday’s dreaming. Thank you, Nancy, my sister and my teacher. And thank you, Dean, my soul and my heart and my love, my waking word.

  2. maggie said, on 2016/04/05 at 06:30

    Though every sunset never wants to leave,
    fresh moonlight brings me new dreams to conceive.

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