while away

Posted in nothing special by maggie on 2007/06/07

oh be that careful. be that precise. parts must fit. 
       raise your other right hand.
leave answers blank. with clouds of reasons. 
       whoever believes it’s their own damn fault.
lick your lips, murky menace. not enough to draw a stare. 
       lie low in plain view.
tear her supple skin in two. all the more for taking raw. 
       from behind. left for dead.

tarantula venom, quick-drying ink. marks that will stain. 
       quiet as shadow.
folded down and over. bent back where nothing
can be trusted for long. crawling black exit wounds.
mute selfish structures predicting a death inside mine.
i will not be that neat. shrink-wrapped.
recognized and spoken to.

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