away out

Posted in nothing special by maggie on 2007/06/08

puncture private thought with thick black periods
to count on ruin. finger her. compress each new pain.
bacterial bruising to loosen the noise. outward flight.
sputtering lamplight gouges out its jaundiced response
to a sweaty gloom. pressing obsession. we ride this beast
through friend and flesh. groping in the same dark.
riding hard. thrash. stretch our throat around the scream.

control on a wire, what more could a good girl want?

rigid limbs. make her want. muscle coils disengaged.
thick and as sweet as guilt. furious repetition.
morning appetite rakes embers, wakes and aches
and makes up signs for us. carved in icy ribs.
crisp edges of passing acquaintence, within earshot.
clinically beyond repair. a good girl would listen.

sinister beauty. look, it turned against her again.

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