through trying

Posted in nothing special by maggie on 2007/06/26

- random pedagogues
who'd have you thinking freedom's worth the doubt,
as though this testy love weren't for her dogs.

- uniformed police,
her watchful reason posted as her scout,
expecting this hard love to make her peace.

- artificial moves,
solutions weary politicians tout,
whereas this foreign love her own love proves.

- where she's been before,
confining where she runs to one dark route,
this ruthless love her only open door.

- sentimental traps
invented by the damned for the devout
where this coarse love will covet her collapse.

- those who want her back
to waste their time on what she's not about.
the page gets turned, then sinks into her black.

some circles once they're drawn she can't erase . . .
an unfamiliar alley ends her chase.

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