Sonnet 39

Posted in quatorzain by maggie on 2008/01/01

The sines committed by tmmy twiserted mind,
I'll pay gor them in blookd. don't get too close
Before the wrists you brought with you are linesd
In sequences , directives, double dose

of medications meant to do me harm
Sio i will bfeela fragment sent sffrom god.
don't let me gett to close. syour smoke alrarm
will shriek its curse. the tructth in here is flawed

.Tomorrow morning's session starteds at 10
(go easy on me, please) and goes and goes
and goes who knows how long. I'll see you, then.

[the rest of this i'll finish later on,
nd other ones wthe one in side me knows
will come back when this other noise is gone.]

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