all over

Posted in nothing special by maggie on 2008/01/02

around old downtown streets long after your leaving
through winding tunnels where we were supposed to be meeting
in your church hall rehearsing your barely believing
down a grocery aisle as though you’re one who’s still eating
at the gas pump still giving more than you’re receiving
at the airport indifferent as a fugitive fleeing
but then tagging along wherever your people try being
you’re all over, all over, all over, all over, all over
except here in my world
a world where i’m all over you

in a deep lusty kiss you don’t wish to be rushing
over sensitive flesh you’re caressing and rubbing
through whispers exchanged while so tenderly hugging
of the peace at the eye of a storm of warm cuddling
and with seeing and hearing and tasting and touching
between soft yielding curves of the sheets you’re untucking
for the heart of a woman who sends you her loving
to all of her giving done to all of her wanting
you’re all over, all over, all over, all over, all over
except here in my bed
a bed where i’m all over you

in those still life pictures that show all what you’re doing
in notes from your desk all so serious and brooding
in trite clips from random sites you’ve gone cruising
in visions you too cautiously restrict from intruding
in glimpses of perfection that claim you’re still improving
in countless lost journals you’re constantly losing
in words that distract you from words you’re eluding
you’re all over, all over, all over, all over, all over
except here in my dream
a dream where i’m all over you

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  1. j. said, on 2009/08/18 at 02:03

    i didn’t even read this poem yet i just got excited to comment when i saw the box!

    the ones i have read so far – all were recent – were fresh, and literally moving. when i read near miss i felt bumBUM bumBUM like a heartbeat. and there was the one that had what looked like a lightning bolt running through it.

    loved them both very much. the content ended up getting lost on me (so far) because of my captivation with the movement. anyway, it’s inspiring, and thank you.


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