my turn

Posted in nothing special by maggie on 2008/08/19

when it comes around my turn
when your time is finally through
when you're reminded of me more
than all the days i've called to you
moonlit shadow i will be
the way for me you never were
nothing we've known will remain unseen
when it comes around my turn

when it comes around my turn
when i am not told to wait
changes won't pray too soft to hear
moments won't arrive too late
let the faroff thunder pass
through dreams we've shared with not a word
you'll be mine through spells you cast
when it comes around my turn

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  1. maggie said, on 2012/10/26 at 07:56

    Four years later, I could have just as well written this yesterday.

    My words don’t change with the weather or the seasons or the latest thrill. It’s easy to stick to my words when what I’ve been was true and remains true. That’s how truth is – it doesn’t change to fit the latest mood.

    I am who I said I was – malicious insults don’t change the truth.

    And I don’t quit love – even if I were to want to, it is possible to quit love if love was never really more than just a word subject to change and replacement.

    Those who did truly care will always continue to do so. So I could just as well write this poem again four years from now, four years after that, and on without end. Love that is truly love has no end.

  2. Samanthamj said, on 2012/11/08 at 16:56

    “Love that is truly love has no end.”…. and the parts of you that are truly who you are… and were… and always will be… those don’t change either… thankfully. As much as some parts of us need to change… and do… thankfully – there are the parts that simply are us.

    Beautiful poem.

    • maggie said, on 2012/11/09 at 01:05

      Thank you. Yes, we dare not simply wait for change and hope it will work out like we want, but must choose and act and work continuously for change. But through any and all change, our word must not turn against itself, nor must our love quit on itself, nor must our belief and faith change with circumstance and convenience.

      I don’t preach this against anyone but my own self – I say it the way I do because I need to keep reminding myself not to let the demon that feeds on my own soul ever take this away from me again. Someone once taught me the power of love and the value of good word, and her belief in me saved me from certain death. Then almost as forceful, someone’s loss of belief in me devastated me, silenced me, nearly killed me. I ought never have let anything – not even that loss, no matter how important it still is to me – to make me forget the life and love I found. So this and any other word I contend is meant to me and for me: I need to never let go of true word, true belief, true love. Never again.

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