for you:

Posted in quatorzain by maggie on 2008/10/12

   cut short for you: too hard as hard like bone
   ripped out done wrong no time to stretch it straight
   straight down straight out for you: to get you back
   survive kick bite cut break perpetuate
   as known as thought for you: scab voices thrown

   cold spit vain threat implicit sabotage
   come faked tight packed for you: out clutched done chased
   my curse another glass wet blood dry crack
   first fuck for you: left ache lost purge long waste
   what fails to make its scar gets made its dodge

   for you: mad cross mad word mad sleep mad welt
   for you: forgive when death makes good my fault
   our secret open rendezvous cold halt
   lost touch passed out unsure unclean unfelt

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