Posted in nothing special by maggie on 2008/10/26

when i am not being watched
when i can slip off into frozen dark
when my morning seizure's nicely dodged
when my night's edges make no visible mark
     you will find me waiting
our two voices will sing matched
so desperately anticipating
when i am not watched

when i am not being restrained
when i fly free through each twisted lock
when horizons now bound gagged and chained
set their suns on an obsolete mental block
     you will find me wanting
love our shared creation claimed
lost time less than nothing
when i am not restrained

when i am not being controlled
when my naked feet float on your fallen leaves
when my painted-on eyes unfold
when my hand takes all its pen receives
     you will find me willing
together we will be called
dreamache fulfilling
when i am not controlled

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