Sixth One

Posted in quatorzain by maggie on 2009/01/16

So let's exchange some quatrains over gin,
maybe even steal ourselves a kiss.
Don't ask me what condition my head's in.
It's not my same old. Then again, what is?

My backgrounds paint me colder than I am.
With all these layers, I must be warm inside.
So yeah, I act like I don't give a damn
when you and I both know that ghost's done died.

I've never been the best of company
but though I'm rarely nice, I'll not be cruel
or when I am, the wrong is meant for me.

But don't ask why I left or where I went – 
Let's just pretend I've been away at school
or suffered from some fatal accident.

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  1. j. said, on 2009/08/26 at 03:54

    this one, for me, is highly relatable. eerily so.

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