mini maelstrom

Posted in nothing special by maggie on 2009/07/11
mini maelstrom

this isn't me i am not her i can't go through
this crushing change this won't make sense
this cut this isn't me i can't be what she wants
i'm through i can't be her i don't see straight
i'm going to hide i need to breathe this change

this sense i wanted you this fog this isn't me
it hurts i will be back i won't be hers i can't
i didn't see it coming this will hurt will crush
will drain i didn't mean it don't just don't
this charybdis this isn't me this won't be real

i'll make it go it has to cut i was not hers
this was for you i got too close i'm not myself
i've been devoured and thrown back out unclean
in syrtis' teeth this isn't me i can't be saved
i'm forced to choose this isn't how this death

this tortured howl i can't be there this crack
this tantrum's rage this isn't me this isn't me
go back i'm through with everything this hole
this chance to do it right i can't see out
this hurts this makes no sense i can't decide

i can't decide i want to run i need to hide
this me this isn't real i'm not on track
this crack this swollen current i want out
it burns this thing this piece of breath
this much this love this must be me this doubt

this doubt this fear that i will not be me
i tried to call i tried this will not be
this will not take this will not be about
this will not take this will not take me back
i don't know i don't know this won't be easy

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