won’t abort

Posted in villanelle by maggie on 2009/07/13
won’t abort

too often i've dreamt dreams i could not keep
i want this one, this time i won't abort
such dreams are dreamed forgotten in their sleep

i've simple needs, the things i want come cheap
my art has been a toy, my life a sport
too often i've dreamt dreams i could not keep

my climb to something meaningful's too steep
too far to reach for one who falls so short
such dreams are dreamed forgotten in their sleep

just once can't someone sow some seed i'd reap?
a miracle or something of the sort?
too often i've dreamt dreams i could not keep

this thing inside me's too intense, too deep
i can't be everything its claims purport
such dreams are dreamed forgotten in their sleep

i'll not turn back, i've looked so now must leap
and yet i know which lives these dreams distort
too often i've dreamt dreams i could not keep
such dreams are dreamed forgotten in their sleep

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  1. Sharp Little Pencil said, on 2012/02/28 at 13:24

    But my personal vendetta is that you should post more and more!!! First visit to your blog, and so glad I found you, Maggie. I’ve read through a few and have to say, you are a first-class purveyor of various forms. I’m strictly free-verse with an occasional attempt at something organized… so I admire your style. The idea of keeping a dream, and not “aborting” it, is original and effective. Thanks so much, Amy Barlow Liberatore

    • maggie said, on 2012/02/28 at 13:51

      Ah but we’ve crossed tracks in the snow before. I could respond to an old e-mail if it wouldn’t jog your memory so completely off-track as to make you wobble any. And we have a friend in common – Sara, one of the good poets you have blogrolled, a good friend and in-law (yes, one can be both at the same time) of mine.

      Free verse I do sometimes as well, but I continue to toil under the dark influence my mentoring muse, for whom free verse was always the most difficult of all forms. Ditto when I break away from traditional form – “free” to me always carries heavier responsibilities, not less. And it’s not that I shy away from those responsibilities, but rather that I’m simply not that good at it. As with the ghazal I wrote recently, where I first did background versions with various forms including a terzanelle and a pantoum and a few sonnets and the beginnings of a sestina, I always do a free verse version of every one of the poems I write; but my free verse versions invariably are the ones I hate the most. Conversely, free verse written as well as yours, I always enjoy reading and all the other things I do with and to a good poem.

      I myself have a personal vendetta against people using the comment space of a poetry blog such as this one to air their personal shit without any respect to the form or content of what they’re commenting to. There, I have broken my own rule by airing a personal vendetta. That said, I’m a lot like how you are with comments – I welcome constructive criticism and encouragement, both as to style and form and technique, as well as to content.

      So nice to have you stopping by. Next time I’ll have a hot pot of coffee ready for you.

      P.S. – Interesting poem of mine here for you to have left a comment to, since I’m well on my way to correcting a loss I suffered back shortly after this poem was written. I didn’t choose to abort then, but my lifestyle choices did catch up with me, and both I and my child paid the ultimate price. This time, that won’t happen.

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