or not knowing

Posted in nothing special by maggie on 2009/07/22
or not knowing

just me again another morning
been awake since almost three
solitude mixed with insomnia
must've known what i'd most need
and i don't care about the rain
or you not knowing where i am

found someone to recognize me
filled a room to call it home
got me work to run through autumn
after then i'm not alone
and i can't worry if it's dark
or me not knowing how you are

i never did see through things you did
not until after the fact, if then
but there're no mistakes to what love gives
not in what, not in where, not even in when

i'll be bringing along a friend
someone you'll know by the eyes
like distant longing nearly gray
colored in by a moonlight's embrace
and i won't mind what's in the wind
or us not knowing who we've been

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