and you knowing

Posted in nothing special by maggie on 2009/07/23
and you knowing

ah, you again, i needed no forewarning
nice things always come in threes
make yourself at home in my insomnia
tease all my wants, undress all my needs
you whisper as soft as morning rain
and you knowing how to find where i am

a soul known like it's been recognized
a moment's rest worth calling home
force with no top and depth with no bottom
nothing else survives these changes, love alone
you're the soft i reach for in the dark
and you knowing how my best dreams are

   seeing it in my own dreaming the way you do
   the way you do what you do to me, here, right now
   misgivings and mistakes be damned, i just miss you
   your what your where your when your why and your how

i'll have someone you will be wanting to meet
eyes as blue gray as an early mist
come to wake you up very early some morning
at your open door with an endless kiss
your breath on us soft as the lightest wind
and you knowing all we have ever been

in fond response to a comment from l.
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