true to form

Posted in ballade by maggie on 2009/07/29
true to form

like when have you ever known me to make it easy
on you?	i'm the drip you can't make quit
when you need to sleep, the dip that makes you queasy
when your ride's too long, the gyp, the flip, the twit.
(you need a shoe? i've got one here that'll fit)
thunderclaps and headaches, that's the norm
when i'm around, be ready for when they'll hit
- exactly as expected, true to form.

there's one whose game of words gets rather sleazy
and worse for wear, not hardly worth his spit
or cough.  His rhymes for making love are cheesy
as though done with a poetry-writing kit.
not easy for you?  he won't care one bit,
he'll plague your dreams with insects by the swarm.
so call it what you will, it ain't worth wit
- exactly as expected, true to form.

i know the dust and ash make you feel wheezy,
i know how thick dark gets with stars unlit.
i also know your thoughts float mine on breezy
zephyrs.  easy?  no, the nicest opposite.
for some too much comes easy, but they split
when some smudge in the sky acts like a storm.
not you: you're hard, you're touching, you're legit
- exactly as expected, true to form.

     (this piece can't do you justice, i admit...)
     your thoughts and words are kind and bright and warm
     (...and i mean every single word of it.)
     - exactly as expected, true to form.

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4 Responses

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  1. namelessneed said, on 2009/07/29 at 16:52

    thanx for sharing ,brother
    Yr. a wordsmith & a wit
    thanx for yr compliment my way
    back at ya

    • mags said, on 2009/07/29 at 17:32

      “sister,” that would be me. i know, they all keep telling me i need to put on more weight or grow my hair out, i look too much like a little boy when i slum around in these clothes like this. anyway

      and it’s the moonlight that brings out the “worst” pixie imp of me

      thanks for coming by. i’ll be back around over there soon

      . lady mags

  2. namelessneed said, on 2009/07/30 at 11:19

    sorry sister, don’t consider myself sexist, don’t know how that happened ‘cept maybe yr words spoke to me and led me near where my words do, and I’m G. one man.
    Yr rejoinder made me smile (and pixie imps are a delight) I like yr voice.
    over & out, Lady mags

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