december visit

Posted in nothing special by maggie on 2009/08/31
december visit

     far better off she'll find the place
though she'll stop short of saying so
how much he flies through light on snow
     kissed up unlike december's face
until tomorrow aches to know
     his descent's trace

     pale complications shadow why
while never sharing such disease
as might each darker twilight please
     but rather only pierce the sky
so as to make its dim lights freeze
     his mother's eye

     one name in crimson on its wrist
emerging gray to realize
all threats of timing only guise
     her promises his keeping missed
too white for penciled in goodbyes
     his haunting's kissed

     she'll write it out in frosted pain
encrypted lines on dirty glass
that winds with bursting mouths harass
     and think herself too soon insane
to find the yearend's crystal pass
     their razor's vein


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