per consent

Posted in nothing special by maggie on 2009/08/31
per consent

into the room a doctor crept
     and to a nurse grave plans revealed
of methods gruesomely inept
     and that which fixed remains unhealed
and at his patient staring cold
     requested of her her consent
that she his hand she have controlled
     toward any lucky accident

his patient sat up in her bed
     said "hey i never asked for this
if you've got something else instead
     what i'd give up i wouldn't miss."
soft footsteps echoed down the hall
     where silent curtains traced the line
past which her whisper found some wall
     "just make sure what i get's not mine"

inside that wall slept one alone
     within a dream of ice and fire
his face as hard as mountain stone
     and words as gentle as desire
then in her doctor's vacant stare
     the woman glimpsed an open sky
and found her future flying there
     without its explanation why

to circumstance she chose to yield
     her eye's goodnight, her head's slight tilt
to have her secret door unsealed
     to take the breath and leave the guilt
yet as her doctor disappeared
     the nurse and him charged with her theft
she nursed the void she most had feared
     and took to heart the hole they'd left


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