memo to self

Posted in nothing special by maggie on 2009/09/08
memo to self

girl, get your bony ass up off the couch
     quit your damn moping
what happened's no reason for playing the slouch
     giving up ain't coping
          so what if life and living it suck?
          don't act like you're that easily dead

whether come or stay, whether win or lose
     make it be chosen
so what if you won't get what you choose?
     still you're not some frozen
          piece of shit that don't give a fuck
          with your losing all up in your head


2 Responses

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  1. Samantha said, on 2009/09/10 at 11:12

    Hey, thanks… I needed that same memo!

    • lady maggie said, on 2009/09/10 at 13:40

      cut and paste as much as needed, as long as you leave a copy of the memo here for me. it would appear that i need to have it sent to me on a daily basis

      .lady m

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