a.m. Want 2

Posted in blank verse by maggie on 2009/09/11
a.m. Want 2

My lover, can I think a single thought
without you there for me to know its stroke
against the urgent pauses in their turn
uncomfortably mastering attempts
to echo my desire?  My dreams are yours,
the sounds I kiss are folded in your voice,
with faces painted full of love and light
and children's laughter virtuous as dawn
aroused to your embrace.
                                       You stir me up!

Can anything I think do anything
you'd think worth wanting near as much as I
expect to be influenced by your hand
possessing in its touch my eager wish
to be what you will do, where you will go,
how you will make it all smile?
                                       You fill me up!

My heart's companion when I'm completely down,
my stomach's ache for hunger's happy end,
my eyes' white vision bathed in simple trance,
my throat's escape into that next request,
my breasts' contentment in a stolen chance,
my lips' first waking breath -
                                       You lift me up!

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  1. Miss Demure Restraint said, on 2009/09/11 at 16:04

    Such a beautiful love poem. It made me feel a bit more loving and loved this morning.

    Miss D

    • lady maggie said, on 2009/09/11 at 21:15

      although the sentiments expressed in this poem and others it will join are sincere and chosen intentionally, it should be obvious i am not comfortable with this voice or form or style. i’m forcing it on myself as a brutal self-therapy, so the slime doesn’t get too deep in the couch i’ve been the squatter to for weeks

      and if you find a smile in it too, so much the better, wipe off a seat on my couch and take a break. and thank you

      .lady m

  2. Fantasia Lillith said, on 2009/09/12 at 13:41

    I don’t see discomfort. I see desire, a new place to explore. An opening of mind and heart. This is lovely. I struggle with poetry i either love it or hate it and have no talent for it. I find it confining to my own expression but admire greatly those that can express so much with so little. Discipline indeed.

    • lady maggie said, on 2009/09/12 at 23:04

      oh do believe me, as deeply felt as my feelings on this series are, it swims in discomfort from the form and voice i’m trying to reach

      then again, it’s a discomfort like having my hands bound together behind me with a silk scarf. a discomfort like having my one leg bent out and back and up while the other’s held firmly down. a discomfort like having a passion push my body unrelenting through a concrete wall with its longing to break loose. yes, like you say, a new place to explore and an opening, and the vertigo and jitters and uneasiness and unfamiliarity and embarrassment and tomorrow morning’s soreness that can come with a new love. discipline, yes, but at least with every single sweatbead of pleasure that relentless restraint can bring to the sheets

      thank you for reading and sharing

      .lady m

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