Recycled Piece

Posted in nothing special by maggie on 2009/09/12
Recycled Piece

Eventually every poem does it, loses its author and reader,
and settles into a page that only a dry wind disturbs,
its mouth polluted with modernized versions of its images,
forced to seek out its pleasures in the arms of new words.

Accompanied by my shadow's dear friend I go there to refresh
like two gray women in a thrift store's illumined dust,
wondering aloud at the lives each item once had filled
whether in our holding them their meanings might be lost.

We bargain with the proprietor the price for used time,
walk home giggling fresh air over our peculiar find,
with the wind in our hair like the first owner's ghost -
this wasn't ever hers, nor will I hope to make it mine.

Who was she and what moment did this touch in her day?
Did she feel anything in it that our routine might repeat?
Her gusts circle and dodge as if caught in our breath,
the distant echo of simple ritual in each line we read

then will leave again unread, untreasured, forgotten, unused
down the road beyond the home of our own heart's love
where others overlook it in their own searches for what
will sound more familiar to them than this is and ever was.

While already back in the thrift store's dimming shadows,
like a discarded snapshot of an unknown aunt's chance pose
another odd item will be rescued from the storage shelves
to occupy our Saturday afternoon indulgence's empty place.

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  1. Miss Demure Restraint said, on 2009/09/12 at 15:03

    Every poem, every love, every life. This is so true of so much in this existence.

    Beautiful, visual and insightful.

    Miss D

    • lady maggie said, on 2009/09/12 at 22:04

      yes every word every touch every moment, they all lose their creators and owners, but like there’s some great thrift shop for everything everywhere there ever was, it all finds a second life that can be more chosen and more loved than first time around, at least that’s how it feels when i’m here poking through the secondhand bins

      as always thank you for reading and sharing

      .lady m

  2. bindo said, on 2009/09/12 at 17:52

    Hmmm, Yass…..

    Dig it!!

    • lady maggie said, on 2009/09/12 at 22:05


      sometimes there’s something worth getting a little more use out of down at the bottom of the discount counter

      .lady m

  3. dakasky said, on 2009/09/12 at 18:22

    Ahhh, ye ol’ tarnished poetry of yore found in the dust bin. All it needs is a little dusting off and metal polish to shine again and twinkle into the soul of a reader before it eventually fades away, yet again. Impermanence. Love this one.

    • lady maggie said, on 2009/09/12 at 22:08

      old books too. with pages almost too fragile to turn. last seen over a generation ago, and the spark can still be there

      thanks for reading and sharing

      .lady m

  4. Samantha said, on 2009/09/15 at 04:04

    wonderful poem! love this, lady M.
    like so many things in life… the wheel goes round..

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