a.m. Want 3

Posted in blank verse by maggie on 2009/09/18
a.m. Want 3

You came around to catch me just in time
to stop me from escaping from myself
into a night where moonlight never shows
its promise in renewal of a love
unseen, untouched, unknown until you knew
before it happened:
                         I was made for you.

Today, make me decide to be my best.
Today, make me speak gently, with respect.
Today, make me use words that hold their own.
Today, make me know simple ecstasies.
Today, make me show patience, make me wait.
Today, make me complete the things I start.
Today, make me give others what you give.

I haven't done enough to show my thanks
for smiles I've smiled because of you, for light
I've seen and warmth I've felt and breaths
composed from word immersed in pure poetry,
for windows opened, doors unlocked, for hope
that when I sleep it doesn't disappear.
I haven't followed through enough, to mean
these things I think and say enough to change
my undeserving dirt into your pearl.

I want, my love, I want to hold your trust.
I need, my love, I need to keep you near.
I dream, my love, I dream of being yours.
Another day begins, 
                         my love, with you.

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  1. Samantha said, on 2009/10/01 at 19:54

    So beautiful… really… just lovely.

  2. lady maggie said, on 2009/10/02 at 12:38

    extra thanks for reminding me these are out here waiting to be fed, the sentiments and thoughts and devotion expressed here are real and sincere, as i need to be with anything i write or else i can’t get it out right, but i’ve been raised to keep these things silent and only scream about what hurts, so these don’t come easy for me, and i too easily forget to keep trying anyway

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