Almost Pretend

Posted in curtal sonnet by maggie on 2009/10/25
Almost Pretend

It was, almost, a smile I might have kissed,
as simply naked and open as his first,
a perfect morning past its evening's end

like shadows held tight by his tiny fist
straight through the hearts of demigods I cursed
into a dream I want: I want my friend.

The changes to that dream will all be his
as though my waking hour'd assumed my worst
to birth these words I'll never comprehend
but live for just that one his presence must
                             almost pretend.

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3 Responses

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  1. bindo said, on 2009/10/25 at 16:04

    I could pretend I dont mind when you close comments…

    But truth is I prefer to be able to tell you how much I did your stuff.

    • lady maggie said, on 2009/10/25 at 16:24

      the little snake didn’t want no holes in her while she was shedding another layer of skin, that’s all, back to slithering normalish —l.m.

  2. bindo said, on 2009/10/25 at 21:06

    cool beans..Shed away

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