As Posed

Posted in quatorzain by maggie on 2009/11/02
As Posed

His Back:       Gwen told you what you might expect?
My Silhouette:  She knows me well enough
                to tell I'm not put off by twisted stuff.
His Stance:     Leave covered what you least protect.

My Body:        What's indebted, come collect.
His Camera:     Trade my blackmail for your bluff
                to pose our meanest hungers in the buff.
My Razor:       This one's yours in that respect.

Offstage, each photograph hangs cold and wet
like dirty laundry heavy on steel clips,
each image worth the shadows given back.

In audience, his lady's cigarette
paints stripes across her thighs up to her hips
in burlesque poetry of white on black.

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