Seasonar Abecedarian

Posted in abecedarian, acrostic by maggie on 2009/11/04
Seasonar Abecedarian

A bitmyowndust carolofsorts:
Deadend excommuicablasts
           for girliewhirlie's hollytinselwoodie,
I'm jinglejangling krasskracklesnappoppying,
           living my nocturnedinsideoutwardswares
Of peacefullyonedge quietlyinhell robrobrobbinghooding
Silencershot tonightmares
           unearthing virtualreal whitenoisemaker Xmasochists,
                                yuletidewaterdrift's zombie.

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  1. bindo said, on 2009/11/04 at 15:06

    This a poem Kerouac would get drunk over!

    • lady maggie said, on 2009/11/04 at 17:49

      yeah well it would be a blast to get jack drunk & persuade him to return the favor maybe

      • bindo said, on 2009/11/04 at 18:49

        Well, jacks ghost visits me from time to time along with others..But I asked him and he said….


        • lady maggie said, on 2009/11/04 at 19:59

          yeah well come having jack’s ghost or any of his companion deities getting me drunk and i won’t be held responsible for my behavior or any words that come back up out of it, no more so than i usually am being held

  2. dirtclustit said, on 2009/11/13 at 08:48

    You guys make poetry fun
    I love your sense of humor

    • lady maggie said, on 2010/02/04 at 11:41

      thank you
      around here any humor comes and goes
      if you see anything smiling trust it and hold on to it and it’s yours

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