Control Freak

Posted in quatorzain by maggie on 2009/11/05
Control Freak

I've wanted this to end.  This wasn't how
it should have played out, but I'm not the one
to say, am I: you'll tell me when it's done.
I've been used all your nurses would allow
until you've quit.  I'll end this soon, I vow.
It's said I've screwed up everything for fun
including what it took to kill my son.
I wasn't god back there.  I'll be none now.
One finds redemption anywhere there's light
although the bulb be yellow, dirty, dim,
and cruel distortions clutter up your sight.
And so I'll end this shortly, wrong or right,
to hell with consequences, me and him,
a minute, then an hour, then the night.

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  1. bindo said, on 2009/11/05 at 15:45

    Sometimes, it’s the very last minute, hour and night that the light comes through and we think, “Oh, that’s what was meant!” A fine ending indeed.

    • lady maggie said, on 2009/11/05 at 21:48

      yeah seemed like it wanted repeating, except it might make a better opening line than an ending, so it’s in the wrong form, typical of me to blunder like that, watch for the pantoum version, just keep repeating to yourself “life is a pantoum, life is a pantoum, life is a pantoum” and that holy light will shine on you

  2. hnzosan030 said, on 2009/11/11 at 04:03

    stopping in to express my appreciation
    I enjoyed this thoroughly-

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