get to you

Posted in nothing special by maggie on 2010/02/04
get to you

there's to some i'll not much matter
then there's to some i'm too realized
when the former is but the latter
is where i'm recognized
don't let that get to you
we give up what it is we receive
i'll still be going when this is through
i'm not about to leave
and i won't leave

it won't be how tight you bend me double
won't be how far you stretch my thighs
not your deviant taste for trouble
nor the salt of lips and eyes
don't let that get to you
you'll feel better when it feels right
i'll lie here at least until that comes true
i've come to stay the night
and i'll stay the night

let's do this
let's forget whatever that was made us shut that door
let's take off what we're looking for
let's stop needing wanting more
and then let's do this
let's make this just you on me
let's make love incessantly
let's do it madly
and then let's do this
then let's do this
let's do this
do this

now into dawn no lightning's flashing
and our streets can't rain hard enough
the day won't take thunder crashing
so we're holding on for dear love
don't let that get to you
that line habitually blurs
come back to the bed it leads you to
i'll make that moment yours
say the word and it's yours

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  1. Samantha said, on 2010/02/09 at 05:37

    this definitely DID get to me..
    nice one, LM..

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