so, what

Posted in nothing special by maggie on 2010/02/05
so, what

what am i to make of it
how impossible it is
to get a good glass of water
in this hole of prison
supposed to be fixing me

how long i have to hold up a hand
how well behaved i have to have been
how sweet and nicely i must ask
how not only must i really want it
but must be grateful and show it

what am i to do about this
how difficult it's made
to fill so basic a need
like asking permission to breathe in
then not unlike having to ask all over again to let it out

what am i to imagine
when all the prerequisites are listed
hammered up on the wall for all to see
as though i've not been told
i have to actually mean it about deserving it

so then your own rules don't apply to you
so then every single condition you openly abuse
so then nobody else gets to suffer the same standard
so then anyone else who wants it gets it
no questions asked no rules no shit

what am i to get it about
when it's been so carefully listed at me
and one by one by one you don't miss a one
breaking them all like you couldn't get the point across
just scratching out only one when you knew i'd be watching

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  1. bindo said, on 2010/02/06 at 18:49

    I wish I could be more hopeful when I read work like this. But the shit we go through to survive makes it clear, survival is over-rated..

    Dug this piece

    • lady maggie said, on 2010/02/08 at 15:06

      yeah except there’s sometimes the residue but i expect to get over it now and maybe only have the occasional nightmare of surviving -lm

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