partly cured

Posted in nothing special by maggie on 2010/04/04


partly cured says my therp, i am partly not enough
same as, same as dirt, give the girl another month
to think about it, partly cured circles and arrows,
meant to end, as if my own, as it will own, as if
i am partly, i won't either, i don't care, i don't

partly care, i wasn't sent, little more, what i'm
not, let the girl choose, partly chosen, in parts
with lines that ain't, later to get my own things,
meant it yesterday, partly cured and partly made up
on the street, stretch of white, never let it out,

doubting the girl's return, under control, expected
to stop it myself, same as same as if, i can't say
and after that, the sounds to fill and after that,
i am partly sacred and i am partly lost and i am,
not as good as, not as easy, i am not as clear as

what i miss, should i forget, what gets said, not
near enough that i've been seen, the girl's been
upstairs music's loud, nothing nothing nothing out
so turn it off to something written down and filed,
the same ways it used to feel, no need to watch to

carry to raise to change, come out says my therp,
the girl's free to ask, let's let's let her speak
her mind her own words, and her other one, except
her other one, for whom to whom of whom in whom is
owed, up on my feet in my own own, in my own legs

in my own lets for my gets to my storms and dark
for pain as same as if a word comes through, black
crack, one single fragile word, straight black on
white dark ink thick blood, knots twists stretched
over bone, the girl's damned, had an accidental

damnation put down, can't say when, same as marked
down partly cured, grown up enough like her to be
same as called, same as restrained strapped down,
says my therp who doesn't wake to ask me, partly
so he says, partly guessed at, eyed like a bit of

blood expecting it might show, partly partly cured
as if a word escapes, same as i follow close behind
consuming a tense sacrifice, an intense echo held
out accused shredded banned watched as if watched
as if partly cured as if required to be accepted

to be crossing through to be can't helped but be
believed written to visited at known for, besides
the girl's a casual a local a familiar, and you'll
forget me when i'm cured the rest of the way cured
as you'll forget me when i'm cured the rest of it


i've only one spare moment here to please your eyes
and told you i was damaged, partly cured, other lies
as same as if apart ripped cut through word for word
as though firewood exhaust suspended partly cured
uncovered separation with no consequence no exercise

exposed uncovered so quickly taken staring at wind
practiced at remote direction at however left lured
(left where the others won't notice how she's sinned
got paid to sin got forced to sin) sent thrown back
sidestepping new prescriptions keeping close track

kept an arm away held off folded wrapped darkskinned
(get off my neck) passed over passed along gone bad
old scars gone bad passed through her past deferred
as younger girls are told get warned from what i had
layered paint expiration dated another month's tries


*shrug* just a therp's word, doesn't mean i'm fixed
i'm healed i'm good as new or meant to be sent out,
just says i'm partly cured, just says i'm partly
cured, i'm partly cured, just says so for the file
with privileges revoked, the girl could use another

month, another shot of miracles, then another chance
same as any other part they've drugged then partly
cured, partly done, can't take that kind of time to
make it up to myself, therp's word against mine, as
much the same as though i'd taken all my medications


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