Posted in sestina by maggie on 2010/04/08

See after the leg, I'm told. *shrug*  I don't mind
it all that much.  My step's just not so light
as used to be, no inference to draw
nor pace to which my odyssey is bound,
let me and I'd throw the damn thing out
as soon as you'd forgotten what you saw.

I used to be so careful what one saw
revealing only what I had in mind
so something like the leg wouldn't leak out
except when there was precious little light.
I've gotten careless lately, so it's bound
to flaws unwelcome scrutiny to draw.

*shrug* It's just the luck of a random draw:
a bastard from my past showed up and saw
me dancing, and I guess he wasn't bound
by courtesies that normal clients mind.
The secrets we hide most, gods bring to light,
so now I cover what I wish found out.

Except you think I need the leg checked out?
Perhaps you're right — it's difficult to draw
good tips with this bad stance.  I see the light,
in fact I see the future light you saw
and say so here, I thought you wouldn't mind,
but healing? *shrug* This leg ain't homeward bound.

I see my injury as more of a bound,
a straightjacket I need my freedom out.
My need for dancing's only in my mind,
my hand does better playing out the draw.
So I've been thinking, if I were to saw
the damned thing off, I'd be that much more light.

Don't look at me as though I'm making light
of things you care about.  I know it's bound
to look that way at first, but when this saw
has finished chopping deadwood, we'll find out
I'll turn out perfect, better apt to draw
attention off my body to my mind.

      *shrug* Pay no mind to the different light
      I've used to draw where this one's bound —
      Help stretch my leg out, and hand me that saw.

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  1. bindo said, on 2010/04/11 at 17:48

    Haven’t been around much, can’t find the impetus to read others so much these days. But man oh man, powerful stuff, coming down the highway like a Mac Truck out of control….Awesome, heavy, painful, intense….just the way I like it, just the reason I can’t write like that anymore…At least someone is.

    Carry on, I’ll be by when I can

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