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Posted in nothing special by maggie on 2010/04/21

According to this             According to that
I'm off again                we're already late
just long enough                and fading fast
to catch my breath              inside your own
and maybe then                 control for good

complete the wheel            from good to last
to close its week                as early spent
as began its walk           not meant to please
through personal disease     what's written out
sent one last fall           in fermented blood

one long drawnout note     alone one word alone
that could've been heardinside its vacant stare
by strangers passing byunknown untouched undone
at an appointed time        sacrificed to a god
if one or more'd cared  as created by her world

to trace a fingernail deepas thin as naked bone
through a groove scratched   as though my first
and followed where crackspoken in separate lies
opened up like wet lips    whispering lost love
to my tongue's escape    wrapped in its release

According to what I'd wanted to do
today I would have been closing it down,
to my cycle's first line coming back around
then making sure it'd get sent on through.

I had to laugh really, the joke back on me
how like we make do with what handed by God
I've written as prompted from my own little bed
twisting it up in knots of pretty insanity.

So give me a fortnight of trying you out
then right on cue my personal deadline got made
then in quick succession other personals said,
all linked hand in hand as if never in doubt

with only today and one other taken aside
for stepping it back to better aim all the rest —
the pages you'll think unwritten, destroyed, or lost,
the truth of it being those're words not yet tried.


            According to my notes
            the first draft of this
            stretched out too far
            to make room for here
            so this will have to do

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