For a Friend on the Eve of a Triumph

Posted in quatorzain by maggie on 2010/12/17
For a Friend on the Eve of a Triumph

A little credit. That's what some might cede
you, maybe even realize you're the same
who wrote your essay. "What'd she say her name
was? Wasn't she the one who...?" Some may read
enough of it to get you guaranteed
an extra hit or two from those who came
to get attention of their own. What fame
it has to offer isn't what you need.

And when the dust has settled back in place
and once again your poems lie still, come see
the changes I'll have made to mine, the base
I've started using, how they make their case
because of what you've done. Believe you me,
my words love yours like kisses to your face.


— written for Sara
upon word of the pending publication of her article,
A Numbers Theory of the Sestina and Similar Repeating Forms

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  1. poetcolette said, on 2010/12/17 at 17:57

    Well, I am glad to see YOU, and love you BOTH–fame, publication, or no. Believe you me. In short, your work is totally bitchin’. And congrATS! to Sara, whose work is also totally bitchin’.

  2. sarachnid said, on 2010/12/18 at 11:42

         My words love yours. Like kisses to your face
         don’t have to get footnoted, that’s how we
         hear one the other. As my own would be
         no different than what yours wish to embrace
         with no conditions, no steps to retrace
         to earn ourselves a place we’d broken free
         of. Shared spirit. Mutual insanity.
         Dust to ash. Your leather to my lace.

         So what’ll it matter if it’s like you said
         it’d be? A girl like me should give a damn
         how many or how far or why they read
         it, whether they’ll remember when I’m dead
         I’d been the one who wrote it. Who I am
         is this, that poem you dreamed up in your head.

    • maggie said, on 2011/03/04 at 15:16

      Is this that poem you dreamed up in your head?
      That dream in which you wove your holy braid?
      That vision where you saw the singing made
      by twisting thread on thread through thread in thread?
      I wish it’d been us twisting up instead,
      our passions their positions up for trade,
      one rising where the other love’s been laid
      in holy circles etched across our bed.

      I miss you. Dream or poem, twisted or straight,
      I can’t go on without you, not and get
      enough of this to carry any weight.
      Wake up, weaver! Your song’s not over yet.
      These moves you taught me to anticipate
      will be there for you, no uncertain bet.

  3. who said, on 2010/12/20 at 06:59

    is your mouth open or closed during these kisses to the face?

    • maggie said, on 2011/02/09 at 16:33

      how incredibly expected of you!

      she about kills her head writing a piece she’ll be remembered for way beyond those who know and love her, so i speak up to honor her effort and success, and this is all you can think worth a comment

      all in the name of “free” expression, right? such “freedom” somehow always seems to be shackling itself to refusal of responsibility, to pointing the finger back at the target of one’s exercise of “freedom.” once her article is public, and once i make my admiration public, the lowest common denominator is all that can be expected, with no respect at all for what she did and no clue as to the real kiss being given her. oh don’t worry, some will excuse, some will condone, some even think it makes good comedy, surely anything goes in the name of “free” art, right?

      just do sara and me a favor and the next time you feel free to express yourself like you’re facing the panel of a men’s restroom toilet stall, please don’t exercise your “freedom” here. just because what wee thing you’ve got’s so supposedly open and pretends at being straight doesn’t mean it’s welcome, not here

      sara, more than ever a very warm hug for the work you did, for the responsibility it stands for and the excellence it strives for. here’s hoping more than ever that the days will not be many before you can return to the effort you have had to rest from. i am not the only one who values it for the precious treasure it is

  4. wordsweneversaid said, on 2011/02/11 at 05:38


    Please leave it as is – I HAVE been so stupid, so ignorant – so unobservant in my turning away that I beg that you acknowledge my shortcoming in some way – if only so that I know there may be a way I will someday make up for what I have failed to accomplish.


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