Yours for the Chopping

Posted in something different by maggie on 2011/02/14
Yours for the Chopping

I need about half an inch taken off.
I want me to be as though
I'm her. And chopping me's easier
than would be for her to grow.

But don't take it off the very top.
That's taking aim way too high.
The rest would remain the way things were
and we'd not see eye to eye.

Yet take a slice out from around my nose
just enough so our vision's aligned
and our lips would still be slightly off.
Chop off lower, if you wouldn't mind,

like maybe I don't need all of this neck.
But no, chopping there won't work right.
I'll need every bit of the skin I've got there
for her teeth to find places to bite.

A smidgen chopped off my shoulders perhaps?
They're only there for me to shrug.
Then again, I guess maybe we shouldn't remove
what she might find ok for a hug.

Take out a rib! That would make us
perfectly standing breast to breast.
Give us that and everything north of that
and we'd make do with all the rest.

Though I'd not argue taking it from my waist
if you chopped off the other way round.
Except that won't get me quite what I want.
Never does so, is what I have found.

Don't even consider taking off there,
anywhere from my hips to my knees.
It's hard enough working what little I'd give
what all she'd be taking to please.

I suppose I'd not miss if you chopped out some shin,
though the left one's just fine as it is
(which reminds me, there's someone who fixed that up
- what she doesn't use will be all his).

But chopping my soles would cut it no better:
though we'd line up the rest when done,
lay us down side by side, and she'd count out
ten pretty little toes to my none!

What say we split it, a quarter off me
with a quarter for her to add?
Take too much from me, you'll take all my good
and leave me nothing but pure bad.

Oh hell, what's a half an inch anyway?
Our heights aren't all that far apart
as our touch can feel like it gets feeling to be
when we're perfectly fit heart to heart.

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