An Ultimatum

Posted in villanelle by maggie on 2011/03/16
An Ultimatum

Permit me form. Permit me beat and rhyme.
Indifference and freedom aren't the same.
A poet who's restricted, there's the crime.

Intention! Purpose! Let my thoughts take aim
without regret, with no guilt, no remorse.
A poet who's repressed, that there's a shame.

As wind drives sun, brings rain, breathes dust by force,
so too does not verse ride that storm within?
Permit my muse to touch creation's source,

to break through walls, to get beneath the skin,
to find the word that tastes blood, touches bone.
A poet who's been muzzled, that's a sin.

And if my song's heard by my ears alone,
then let your ears take mine, your voice my song.
Permit me when I've left to yet be known.

I can't stand off secluded all that long
before I seek your heart, your dream, your time.
A poet who's been silenced, that's just wrong.
Permit my poems to speak out clear and strong.

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  1. Maggie said, on 2011/06/07 at 09:20

    Thanks for your poetry. I like it. I’m a Maggie, too. How can I subscribe to your blog?

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