Of No Concern

Posted in nothing special by maggie on 2012/02/06


Yes ok, if it gets worse I'll get it checked
tomorrow, and I'll try to leave it alone,
which still doesn't make it what you suspect.
Sometimes you simply cut all the way through to bone
accidentally, which this was in at least one respect
insofar as on purpose didn't mean so far in
as it seems to have gone, but like's said of waste
one never knows what will stay or get thrown,
in this instance as stains on bandages placed
strategically so as to help keep the rest in
until its appointed time for being let out
which won't make it what you assume it's about.
After all, between you and me, blood runs thin.

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  1. maggie said, on 2012/02/07 at 08:54

    Assuming the best has never hurt me, even all the times I have failed to measure up to the assumption. Assuming the worst and then acting on that assumption as reality even in the face of clear evidence to the contrary, that has been one of the most hateful destructive forces I have regretted ever having to defend myself and my loved ones against.

    But yes, this says what it means. As always I am using the actual circumstance both for expressing something I am feeling and going through, as well as turning it like a mirror to turn a light on something else, it may be read directly for what it says. As long as that includes the two warnings, which usually need repeating more than twice.

    Meanwhile, I’m packing to move south for the duration. My friends here are kind and understanding, but I need a different level of safety and support for the next half year at least. So as said, not to worry. Soon enough I’ll be fine.

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