Soon, Soon

Posted in ghazal by maggie on 2012/02/21

New moon. As gray outside as in. A night unanticipated will come soon, soon.
Quickly she'll've gone back full. Off cycles outdated will come soon, soon.

Most men do know, do feel. A world away they take advantage of the black dark
to move freely. Our secrets are kept safe. Peace awaited will come soon, soon.

Technical issues are still being discussed. Numbers fall. Conditions change.
The chance for which a bed gets made as soon as vacated will come soon, soon.

Let's restart. We can say we've learned from mistakes. We can be experienced.
Oaths won't cross us up. Vows euphemistically understated will come soon, soon.

Death wears his only nuance out on his tired lover as if she were someone new.
Forgotten breath with meanings lost until retranslated will come soon, soon.

We pass into a new trimester, you and I. You'll show. You'll move, You'll grow.
A kiss given me I will give you. The dream we've created will come soon, soon.

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