Sonnet 45

Posted in quatorzain by maggie on 2012/12/12
Sonnet 45
I'll always kiss the moment when we crossed 
the dreams we keep, the thoughts we find around, 
the fantasies we want, the pasts we lost, 
the songs we sing, the ways our giggles sound, 

the changes we believe, the moves we dance, 
the smiles we wake up to, the fears we hide, 
the time we waste together, tears we chance, 
and all the words we share, the love inside. 

And may we always cross! May every touch 
that reaches out from you be met by mine 
as though expecting you'd expect as much. 

Then let us meet each crossing with a kiss. 
Coincidence like ours must be design 
intending to create such love as this.

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