dawn devotion

Posted in nothing special by maggie on 2012/12/21

to breaking   off this numb impasse
to doubting   pulse in last night's bruise
to stalling   penalties replaced
to mouthing   fractured dashes through
to drowning   my expensive style
to chanting   gruesome parodies
to torching   shadows tightly bent
to rattling   bone against its bone
to spoiling   private missions burned
to smashing   boxes underground
to staining   free will heard at last
to yielding   skin to foreign blast
to stalking   poisoned dangers browned
to slashing   model gestures learned
to trusting   flesh becoming stone
to catching   up on paying rent
to spurning   what can't come in threes
to scraping   migraines ghosts beguile
to twisting   into shades of blue
to hitching   word up with its waste
to scarring   coded dream tattoos
turn on dry   ache, i pray my ass

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