Afterthought 17—Contemplation on Dusk

Posted in sonnet by maggie on 2014/12/05

How could you let him strip you of your wings
so you might wallow in his bed?  Why did
you let him blind your eyes, to keep you hid
from your own vision, one of his bleak things?

How dared you let him choke the voice that sings
a song you now can't hear?  Why let him rid
your word its passions once held close, now slid
into loose lies and vague meanderings?

The planets, all in retrograde too soon,
it must have been, right?—backfire from a shot
against a love you dared let him impugn,
to whom it was he killed not giving thought.
You wane your way to dawn, so like the moon
you look around for, so sincere, yet not.

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