Afterthought 41—Same Way You Went Out

Posted in rondeau by maggie on 2015/01/12

Something you don't wish to hear's misheard
most in the voice by which you have conferred
it breath sufficient to betray its void
through silences screamed as they rush deployed
to quit their loves before they lie interred.

Once broken, magic cannot be restirred
to fill the heart with which it once concurred.
We can't pretend as if you've not destroyed
               something you don't wish to hear.

You'd do it all a second time, a third
and fourth and more, no matter how absurd
the self-inflicted damage you've enjoyed
with every cut aimed at fresh skin you've toyed
with breaking into yours in your own word,
               something you don't wish to hear.
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  1. maggie said, on 2015/01/22 at 19:11

    I can be patient.
    The question is, will she?
    She’s old enough now
    for her curiosity
    to want more
    than she can take,
    even for her mother’s
    will and sake.

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