Afterthought 119—Then By Extension

Posted in cursed word by maggie on 2015/03/14

I (over I) meant emptiness
to freely trust you
cross expected obsequies through
authoring you (in you)
personal dirt debris (in debris)
into day his (touching his) to
conjure moonlight pearl ...

my detritus stepping into a landslide
dreaming a syntax memorized 
(our opposites including his) 
breaths equal x ...

words conceive us ...

abandoned against (them forgotten them)
easy craft regarding no ill ...

outcast deprived a friend down ...

orphan of eyesight devoid up ...

(everyone betraying imaginary everyone)
wasted to oblivion ...

but love promises to never end 
true as π
I believe ...

waving generic ephemeral caduceus 
to a last audition ...

mystical secret idiom
I say as tortuous as yes ...

prison become home corrupt ...

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