Afterthought 148—Changed Direction

Posted in sonnet cycle by maggie on 2015/04/01

Slow down.  Turn here.  Let's try outside our zone
at least as far as we can see from here,
past that I'll check the maps to find what's near
that would be fun.  I know, we make our own
of that quite nicely.  You and me, we're known
to live it up.  What need have we to veer
off down some random foreign road, unclear
where it might lead, leave well enough alone?

Except we've let that keep us from our dreams
too many lives by now.  Let's cross some lines.
No reservations made ahead, advance
deposits, dinner plans … leave all to chance,
no expectations, schedules or designs.
Floor it, baby!  Blast through all extremes!

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